Stories and Fanfictions! 

  1. Dead or Hot - Bella is a famous actor/singer and she is america's sweetheart, but Bella has a secret. She is an assassin working for the black's. What happens when Edward Cullen, her ex, shows up in her life and he gets caught up!
  2. Greek Princess - Bella is a Greek Princess and she and her sister Alice are taken by Roman soliders. They are taken to Roman camp where they meet Prince Edward. What will happen between Bell and Edward!
  3. The Gift of an Immortal - Isabella Swan has a gift, she knows it as a curse because of it her family is all dead. When she is 17 she is sent to live with her Uncle Charlie in Forks, what happens when she falls in love with Edward Cullen? Will he become a target to get to Bella?
  4. Wild Thang - Bella moves back to her home town where she meets Wild Fire, a horse that is scared of everyone. They become close but she also meets hot stud Edward Cullen! What will happen? Will romance fly, or just friendship?

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