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Sarah Flanagan My full name is Sarah Leanne Flanagan, I'm the youngest of 4 kids and lice in Victoira, Australia. I was born in South Australia but moved to Victoria when i was 6 for my dad's work. My brothers and sisters are Ashley who is 19 turning 20, Michael who is 17 turning 18 and matthew how is 15 turning 16. None of us get alone very well and if we do it is very rare. I have two best friends who are Madison Turner, or Madi, and then there is Taliha G, who i cant remember how to spell her last name. Madi is younger than me but Taliha is older. Madi and i are both 14 and in year nine and Taliha is 15 and aldo year 9. I attend the grange high school and really hate it, but everyone hates highschool i guess. My whole family is Christian and we all attend our chruch desteny centre, which used to be southland international christian centre. My mum works there as the manager of the book shop and cafe. My dad works for a company called verint and he is always going away to different countries for meetings and boring stuff like that. My life is what people would call normal except really it isnt, there are a lot of things that are different about my family.

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